Sex When Pregnant: What You Should Know

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When it was just the two of you, there was nothing stopping you from having sex (except maybe common decency). But now you have a third person in bed (and not the good sort) suddenly sex doesn’t seem so appealing. So, is it risky to have sex whilst you are pregnant? Let’s debunk that myth here and now – no, sex whilst pregnant isn’t risky, in fact there isn’t a better time for sex (unless you have had specific instructions from your doctor or midwife due to a complicated pregnancy or pregnancy related issues). You can get down and dirty as much as you want. It isn’t just the mucus plug that protects your baby from the outside world (including your partner’s penis): the amniotic sac and your uterus all work together to stop anything from harming your precious cargo.

With the increased blood flow down there and all those extra hormones in your body, you can experience some of the most intense orgasms of your life. And no, your baby won’t have a clue what you are up to. If he/she moves around after you have orgasmed it will be in reaction to your increased heart rate. Also, the endorphins that you feel after you peak will flow through your blood and make your baby relaxed and happy too. Win-win.

So now that you know you can have sex whilst pregnant, read on to find out which positions work best during each trimester:

1st Trimester

Classic missionary – Works well throughout all your pregnancy. If you are tired your partner can take up the slack, the face to face connection will add to the intimacy. If you are struggling to get comfortable, use a pillow to prop you up. Consider a modified missionary if the classic is too much pressure on your bump.

Modified missionary – Have your partner kneel at the foot of the bed whilst your legs hang off it (leaving his hands free to touch and stroke you).

2nd Trimester

Girl on top – When isn’t this a great position? You can use the head board or the back of the sofa for extra support if you need it and he not only gets to watch you enjoy yourself, but it’s easy access for his hands too.

3rd Trimester

Spooning – This position lends itself well to a bigger bump as you are on your side whilst he thrusts from behind. The only downside to this is if you like deep penetration as this position is very shallow. It does leave his hands free to roam though!

Doggy style – Like spooning this means there is no pressure on your bump and it is great for deeper penetration (this position also helps relieve back pain).

Finally, as a side note, if you enjoy using sex toys there is no need to stop using these whilst pregnant. Ensure that they are kept hygienic to avoid infections and if you share them with your partner make sure you use fresh condoms each time. You can reduce the risk of infection by keeping yourself clean and always pee after using the toys.

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