Running An Escort Agency

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Most of my mates think that it is really easy to run a London escorts service. Believe me, there is a lot more to running a charlotte London escorts service well than looking at a load of pretty ladies. I know that it may seem easy to most people, but the truth is rather different. The girls are not really a problem as such but there are many other issues that you need to be good at handling when you run an escort agency.

First of all, you need to appreciate that the charlotte London escorts business is very competitive. There are now lots of agencies and they are all having to compete against each other. I inherited this London escorts service and I guess that I was lucky. At the time my aunt left it to me, it had a really good name and lots of gents used the service. Fortunately we have been able to hang on to our dates at this agency. They have not been snatched up by other cheaper agencies.

Marketing is a big problem when it comes to the London escorts service. The thing is that you cannot advertise in the paper at all, so you really need to be able to promote your business online. That takes a lot of hard work and I have a dedicated person doing that for me. It is not cheap neither to promote a London escorts service, so you need to be able to take that into account. That is something a lot of start up companies in London do not appreciate.

Almost all girls think that they would make great escorts. That is not right neither. It takes a very special girl to join our charlotte London escorts service. But, if I did not screen the girls who want to join our London escorts service carefully, I know that I could quickly lose the service. It is all very well to think that you can have lower quality offerings , and less experienced girls, but that does not work. The agency need to have the best girls available. Quality companionship is what most gents look for.

Am I glad that I have inherited this agency? Well, it is certainly hard to find a job in London so I am glad that. I did spend a lot of time helping my auntie out with computer services so I do know about the agency. Yes, I have changed some things and they seem to have paid off. Would I sell the agency? I could sell the agency and make a lot of money, but I see it as a family business. My girlfriend works on the reception and we do look after the business as our own little baby. The hours are long, but I don’t think that I would want to be in an other business. I could not see myself as owning another company or working for somebody else. It would probably drive me mad and I would get bored at the same time.

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