Everything you need to know about pregnancy sex (but were too shy to ask!)  TODAY

Pregnancy is a blessing that can include swollen feet, nausea, back pain, an inability to get a good night’s sleep and quite possibly some of the best sex of your life. Yes, you read that correctly. “Pregnancy is a time for women to revel in their sexuality,” certified personal trainer Leah Keller, founder of the Every Mother pre- and post-natal fitness program, told TODAY Parents. “For many women, myself included, pregnancy can lead to a heightened sex drive, and the unique hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy can lead to peak sexual desire, pleasure and satisfaction.” Sex is natural, …

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Pregnant Sex Tips: 15 Ways To Have Better Sex While Expecting
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You might find that your libido is ramped up, or that your orgasms are better than ever. But for a lot of couples, sex becomes more complicated during pregnancy — for reasons both physical and emotional. "Different women can respond differently to the …

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