Cabin Girls in the Alps

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My friends and I are going to have a couple of months away from London escorts this winter. All three of us really enjoy skiing and we are going to stay in the Alps. Don’t for one moment think that we are renting our own place. No, we are going to be working as cabin girls and look after visiting gents. We were able to find the jobs through a specialist escort agency and we are really looking forward to our time in the Alps.

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Actually, there are other specialist escort agencies. On a recent visit to the States, I found an American escort agency specializing in cruise escorts. It made me laugh at first, but then I realized that it was a good idea. A lot of single gents do seem to enjoy cruises and I cannot see why they should not be allowed to enjoy the company of a young lady during their cruise. Of course, they have to pay for her company but I cannot see the problem here at all. I am sure some London escorts would be really good at it.

Once you start looking at the escort business, you soon realize that there are a lot of specialist services out there. Many of the actually make London escorts seem rather mundane and boring. I am not sure that I would want to work on cruise ships all of the time, but it would be fun to have had the experience. You probably get to see a lot of exciting destinations around the world. Would you get bored? Modern cruise ships are like little towns and you can find all sorts of entertainment on them.

Some of the girls that I work with at the escort agency have only ever worked for London escorts. I have worked for other escort services outside of London. It was a good learning experience to work for other escort agencies. The last one I worked before I joined London escorts was Eton escorts. That is a rather posh town south of London. It was more expensive to live there than in London so I decided to try to make a living in London. So far I have done really well.

In recent years, rather a lot of central London escorts have moved out of London. I think it has simply become too expensive for them to live in London. You really need to be well organized if you would like to live in London, and make sure that everything comes together. It is not easy to do, Working as a cabin girl in the Alps will be a nice break. We already have several assignments booked so I think that we will do well. Once the skiing season is over, I am going to return to the escort agency in London. In many ways, I think that I just need a little bit of inspiration as I have said to my boss at the agency that I work for.

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