Abbey Wood escorts pointed out Love lube


Okay, we are not talking cars here, we are talking about that sort of lub you use when you have sex. Sexual lube comes under many other different names as well. It may be known as gel, and it is actually short for lubricant. But does lub make a difference when you have sex? It can make a HUGE difference who may have a few problems getting wet or stimulated.


When we start to age, our bodies produce less sex hormones and that may mean that some women find it difficult to get wet. If you are not ready for sex, it can be very painful and make you sore. Instead of experiencing discomfort it is better to use lob or gel.


Abbey Wood escorts spoke to a few women who were going through the peri-menopause and menopause, and found that most of them had introduced lob into their sex lives. They still wanted to have sex with their partners, but couldn’t quite seem to get there. This is where lube comes in so handy.


One thing that the Abbey Wood escorts pointed out is that the name is a bit unfortunate. It would be better to find another name. Gel sounds a bit better, but it is still a bit clinical. So I set the Abbey Wood escorts a challenge to come up with a new name for lube, or sexual lubricant, as it is officially known. The Abbey Wood escorts from have promised to report back to me within a few days, and it will be interesting to see what our Abbey Wood escorts girls have come up with.


Make Me Hot Juice


The first suggestion came from a girl called Maria, and she wants to call lub “Make me hot juice”. Well, that is quite a good name but I am not sure how we are going to market that idea. It may even lead to a few misconceptions as some people may think it is something you drink.


Also, lub is not quite a juice, although some can be a bit runny, but lub is more of a sticky substance. Finding a better name might be more difficult than I would have thought.


Love Rub Gel


Mmm, I quite like the sound of this. Love Rub Gel has a certain ring to it, and it sounds a bit more sensual than just lub. It describes one way lub can be used, and takes care of the problem how it is applied. If you stop and think about that name for a minute, it can even be used as a brand name and sounds quite good.


It would not be a difficult product to market on sites such as Ebay and Amazon as there is nothing offensive in that name. Most ladies probably wouldn’t might carrying around some Love Rub Gel.


This exercise has made me realize how difficult it is to market sex stuff. Coming up with new names for vibrators all the time must be a complete nightmare, and I don’t think I would be able to sit there and think about that all the time.

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